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Licence Appicatin & Compliance
Licence Application & Compliance

Hong Kong is an international financial hub and getting a financial licence here is never an easy task.  After granting the licence, ongoing compliance obligations to fulfil relevant regulations is also essential to maintain the licence and keep business running.

How can we help:

  • Licence application and renewal, from planning to every single piece of ground work

  • Carrying out day to day compliance functions

  • Financial crime mitigation, AML/CTF advisory and sanction advisory including KYC protocol setup, implementation, monitoring and enhancement

  • Investigations, from statutory/regulatory investigations to corporate investigations

  • Regulators handling and strategy advisory

  • Pre-regulatory examination/inspection check-up


We always help with:

  • Understanding your requirements, NEVER adopting one-solution-fit-all

  • Pro-business mindset

  • Efficient ground work, aggressive but compliance approach

  • Well-understanding and experience in regulations and dealing with regulators


Make the right and trusted choice to grow

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