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Loss Prevention & Business Advisory
Loss Prevention & Business Advisory

While generating profit for your business, loss prevention is equally important.  Most of the cases came from clients’ issues, fraud activities and employee conducts issues.  Therefore, an enterprise policy and controls setup, as well as culture building, are all important for loss prevention.  When it happens, professional investigations and loss collection should be the next step follow-up.

How can we help:

  • Setting up and implementing protocol for loss prevention and governing business conducts, suiting your needs

  • Ad hoc advisory and investigation to deal with any issues

  • Fraud and employee conducts issues identification and mitigation

  • Report writing for report to authority or regulator

  • Post-incident loss collection and recovery

  • Litigation support

  • Lesson learned training


We always help with:

  • Just-to-sufficient and practical solutions

  • High mobility team to support you when urgent cases come any time

  • Legitimate and helpful loss collection and recovery plan

  • Continuous support till full settlement, especially to deal with authority and regulator


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