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The Chief Executive

All Authorized Institutions

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to share with the industry the ninth issue of the Regtech Adoption

Practice Guide.

This issue focuses on Regtech solutions for customer data and privacy. These

Regtech solutions can help banks improve the effectiveness of their privacy

compliance activities and boost customer trust amid the growing volume of

customer data collected and processed.

This practice guide provides implementation guidance to help banks plan the

adoption of Regtech solutions for customer data and privacy. It offers advice on

how banks can use these solutions to address the challenges across the customer

data lifecycle, from data inventory to consent management, data processing,

impact assessment, and incident response.

If your institution has any questions regarding Regtech or any feedback on this

Regtech Adoption Practice Guide series, please feel free to contact Mr Nitish

Koladoo on 2597-0934 or Mr Anson Chan on 2878-1835

Yours faithfully,

Raymond Chan

Executive Director (Banking Supervision)



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