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Deal Due Diligence

Deal / Project & Risk Management

Prudent HK

Deal Due Diligence

We have full range of due diligence experiences to handle different scale of deals, merging, acquisitions and corporate actions.  Not only from a public sources due diligence perspective, with our network in various sectors and ability to gather non-public intelligences, we can identify true and material risk(s)/issue(s) of a potential prospect for you.  Our team with strong business and mobility sense will also cover any discreet site visit/inspection, as an important step in business due diligence process.  Last but not least, we understand time is essential for business deals, therefore we provide our supports to you based on your requirements, specific areas to be covered and material items from our experiences, we consider it should not be a “check-list for thousand items in theory” taking multiple months, which ultimately may impact the best execution time and business value.


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