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Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG)

ESG has recently become increasingly important for society and business development. To the customers, banks, regulators and investment professionals, this is a key element of gaining a full understanding of the companies in which they cooperate. They will assess the Company’s performance on the issues of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

How Prudent could help on ESG Consulting & Advantages

Prudent Team provides tailor-made full ESG solutions to help you establish and enhance ESG offerings. Our highly qualified and experienced team has detailed knowledge to help with comprehensive ESG programs and work for various Public Organizations as well as the Government. We are not only doing planning and reporting but also implementation and monitoring, as a full holistic approach to ESG


We always help with:​

  • ESG policy and strategy consulting

  • Governance advisory for building ESG governance framework

  • General ESG compliance consulting and advisory

  • Updating compliance manual

  • Updating and designing compliance monitoring plan and program

  • Checking related documentation and records to ensure compliance

  • Taking on special projects and ad hoc mandates

Benefits of using ESG Consulting Service

Prudent’s Team has over 16 years of experience working with various Financial Groups, Public Organizations and Listed Companies, providing different corporate ESG solutions, establishing related systems, management and supervision, for monitoring the performance of the ESG program and efficiently presenting to the market and your stakeholders.


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