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Deal/Project & Risk Management

Deal / Project & Risk Management

To drive a bigger business growth, acquisition and merging are good options.  However, you will need to know how a target company did their business and all the material information before making a decision.  Deal due diligence is thus here to safeguard this.  Similarly, having a better understanding of your corporation and internal workflow is equally important.  Therefore, an enterprise risk management program is the key to such a health-checking process.

How can we help:

  • Understanding your business model, and advising a better option for your business model

  • Facilitating acquisition and merging deal flow, from sourcing investors and target company, to conducting due diligence and project coordination

  • Keeping track of any change of laws and regulations, then to advise solution plan

  • Bigger picture risk identification and mitigation, on the enterprise risk management level

  • Smaller picture risks identification and mitigation, on the deal and project governance level


We always help with:​

  • Defining the scope of due diligence and risk management program

  • Designing an executable action plan

  • Examining every single piece of detail to aim at the full picture

  • Both ways interaction processes with you and you will not get surprise results only when everything done

  • More than a deal due diligence, but an overall deal advisor and coordinator

  • Not a one-off engagement, but a continuous basis of services

Project Governance

Deal Due Diligence

The disciplines that connect corporate governance with the traditional demands of project management to ensure that business outcomes and goals are achieved.

Provide full range of due diligence experiences to handle different scale of deals, merging & acquisitions and corporations.


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