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Financial Crime, AML Advisory, Compliance Advisory and Regulators Handling

Licence Application & Compliance


Financial Crime, AML Advisory, Compliance Advisory and Regulators Handling

With the comprehensive knowledge of the potential risks of breaching sanction rules, market misconduct rules and other financial crimes, for example, insider dealing, corruption and money laundering, we are your bespoke partner to protect your company from unwanted legal liabilities and sanctions. Specifically, our team provides your company with professional advisory services strategies, services, and a regular monitoring program to ensure that your company is not involved in any financial crimes.

We know the risks:

  • Breaching sanction rules

  • Financial crimes

  • Market misconduct rules


Know Your Customer / Vendor (KYC(V)) is an essential practice to protect your company from fraud and losses resulting from money laundering, illegal fraud and reputation damage. KYC(V) is forming part of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures and it refers to procedures the companies adopt to establish customer (vendor) identity and to understand the nature of business activities, in order to assess the money laundering risks associated with them.​

We protect your business from:

  • Reputation damage

  • Money-laundering

  • Illegal frauds


Apart from financial crime, other areas in compliance of your corporation are also important in nowadays regulatory environment.  Interaction and communication skills with regulators are also essential to manage licensing activities.  In other words, there is always “soft skill” to deal with regulators but not merely referencing any provisions of laws and regulations.  This is the highest quality of compliance work we see in our experiences and support for your daily business.


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