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Project Govenance

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Project Governance

Project governance is governance and risk management disciplines that connect corporate governance with the traditional demands of project management to ensure that business outcomes and goals are achieved. Launching new products or services requires to implementation of a proper project governance framework to allow an organization to deliver the project, and focus on the following aspects:​

Project Governance Framework:


Establishing an oversight steering group

Establishing an oversight steering group to ensure governance issues relating to the project, as distinct from a project working group that is doing the project deliverables.

Benchmarking and tracking

Benchmarking and tracking of the delivery of a project using an IT-enabled planning tool that could be able to formally track scopes and budget control.



Performance and measurement reporting

Performance and measurement reporting to relevant stakeholders, including boards, senior management, and users of the project.

Risk management

Throughout the project cycle, performing initial and ongoing risk and issue assessments to manage risks from the planning stage to the project completion or through the business-as-usual process.



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